A Trip To The Rhine Falls Waterfalls Switzerland – The Largest Falls in Europe

Rhein Falls Schaffhausen Switzerland

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Trip to the Rhinefalls Switzerland

A Trip To The Rhine Falls Waterfalls Switzerland –

The Largest Falls in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland one of the most spectacular excursions you can make is a trip to the Rhine Falls Waterfalls Switzerland – the Largest Falls in Europe. In fact the Rhine Falls are the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of the country.

Trip to the Rheinfalls Switzerland Rhein Falls Schaffhausen Switzerland

This is hardly surprising when you bear in mind that the waterfalls are such a powerful sight to behold and from the visitor centre you can certainly experience the power and roar of the water at first hand. The Falls were created over 15,000 years ago due to tectonic shifts during the Ice Age, when a new riverbed for the Rhine came into being.The Rhine Falls Switzerland

Nowadays you can watch in amazement as several hundred cubic meters of water pour into the river over the falls at a speed of 23 meters per second. The Falls themselves are 150 metres wide  and 23 metres high. In Summer the flow capacity is approximately 600,000 litres per second and in Winter around 250,000 litres.

Trip to the Rhinefalls Switzerland

Take A Boat to the Viewing Rock in the River

Take one of the boats to the rock bearing a Swiss flag which sits in the centre of the river. When you get there climb the steps to get amazing views from a small platform at the top. It’s quite narrow and steep but this little island has the most stunning views as you are right in the middle of the waterfall and literally looking out over the thundering water coming from the Falls.

Trip to the Rhinefalls Switzerland Schlössli Wörth – A Restaurant with Stunning Views

Take the boat back to the Schlössli Wörth (which has a great restaurant with views directly across from the Falls) then continue round along the banks of the river and across the bridge for more great views.

Trip to the Rhinefalls Switzerland Why Not Visit Nearby Shaffhausen?

Whilst you’re in the area why not visit the pretty town of Schaffhausen, which is a short train ride away?

How to get to the Rhine Falls:

Take a train from Zurich Main Station to Neuhausen (we had to change at Winterthur) and get off at Neuhausen. There is a ticket office there and there is also a lift if you prefer not to walk down the steps. However, please note that the views as you descend in the lift are very impressive.

For more information please visit the Website here.

Trip to the Rhinefalls Switzerland

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