BaByliss Big Hair Dual Volumising Blow Dry Brush

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BaByliss Big Hair Dual Volumising Blow Dry Brush


Babyliss Dual

Babyliss Big Hair Dual Volumising Blow Dry Brush

I’m a big fan of Babyliss styling brushes and have been using them since I bought my first one when I was in my early twenties which was quite a long time ago!!! However, I do believe BaByliss invests a lot in research and that their new models seem to improve and offer more features every time they are launched. So when I was offered the opportunity to try the latest BaByliss Big Hair Volumising Blow Dry Brush I jumped at the chance.

As well as styling the hair, this model gives lots of volume. My previous model was fairly similar but the brushes on this new model are much nicer and Alice through better through the hair. In fact this model has two brushes whereas my previous one came with just one brush.

Babyliss Big Hair Dual Rotation Feature

This one, like my previous one rotates which I think really helps you style better and it is just so much easier than using a hairdryer and a brush which is so tiring on the arms and something I have never managed to do correctly.

BaByliss Big Hair Dual Volumising Blow Dry Brush

The two barrels are 50 millimeters and 40 millimeters, Since I have mid length hair with quite a lot of layers I prefer the smaller one, which is more similar to my previous brush which was 38 millimetres.

How To Use The BaByliss Big Hair Dual Volumising Blow Dry Brush

Before using the brush here are a few points to bear in

  1. Always use on hair which is 75% – 80% dry. It’s not a hairbrush – but a styler.
  2. I always use some heat protection serum or spray (especially on the ends of my hair) which as well as protecting from the heat, also helps set the style.
  3. Make your parting and then divide your hair into manageable sections for styling.
  4. With your chosen brush attachment slide the switch to the ‘I or ‘II position to turn the appliance on and select the heat setting you want.
  5. Put your brush underneath each section close to the scalp and hold for a few seconds to get as much volume as possible, before moving it down along the section.
  6.  Then move the brush through the hair section using the rotation button making sure to use it in the correct direction and pulling against the rotation to create resistance. To make the brush head rotate, press and hold the buttons marked << and >> to rotate the brush head clockwise and anti-clockwise
  7. As you are rotating you need to pull the hair against the roation as you move the brush through the hair.
  8. Work your way through the hair repeating as necessary and use the cool setting to set each section before you go onto the next piece. After use pack the brush away in the the protective sleeve to keep the bristles clean & avoid damage

Heat Settings

There are 2 heat and if you have delicate, fine, bleached or coloured hair, it is recommended to use the lower heat settings. For thicker hair, use the higher heat settings.

My Tip : Practice really does make perfect! If you rotate the wrong way you can get your hair tangled – but do persist as once you have the change of it you will want to use it all the time!

For more information on the BaByliss Big Hair Volumising Blow Dry Brush see here.

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