Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?

by cfryer

Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?

Can The Anodyne T Shirt Really Help Your Posture?

Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?

Need Help With Your Posture?

Do you spend a lot of time at the computer and looking at our mobile? Is your postrure suffering? We definitely spend way too much time online – so when we were invited to try out the Alignmed Posture T Shirt we were really intrigued.

So what do they look like?

Well to be honest they look like any snug fitting sports t shirt – BUT they have some very different weaving in them to help improve your posture.

Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?What is the weaving and what does it do?

It’s actually kinesiological tapes which stimulate your muscles, improve blood circulation and can help you maintain better posture. The shirts also stimulate otherwise inactive muscle groupw which helps  improve your body’s muscle memory.

Do they hurt?

No. You can feel the tightness when you first try them on (and they need to be close fitting to work) but they are remarkably comfortable.

Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?

How do you wear them?

You can wear them as a normal sports t shirt or underneath your normal clothes. You can even wear them in bed!

Do they work?

Yes, in fact I really was far more conscious of my posture whilst wearing the shirt and I did actually fee a slight tugging – particularly in the first few days.

Would you continue wearing the shirt?

Yes definitely. However, during Summer it’s tricky when the weather is hot and sunny and personally I prefer to ear linen and cottons. However, in the Autumn, Winter and Spring I will be back wearing mine!

Can The Anodyne T Shirt really help your Posture?Are they for men or women?

Both. They are unisex.

Any tips?

You need to buy a size which is snug to wear – it must feel in direct close contact with your body.

Where can I get them?

You can buy them online here.

AlignMed posture wear is available in Switzerland from Anodyne Shop. If you’re interested in find out more about the AlignMed range of Posture Corrective Clothing please visit the website here.

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