Geneva LUX Light Festival

Geneva's Annual Light Festival 19th January - 4th February 2024

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Geneva Lux Light Festival

Geneva’s Annual Light Festival

19th January – 4th February 2024

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

Geneva Lux Festival – One of The Top Light Festivals in Switzerland

One of the most magical Light Festivals in Switzerland is the Geneva Lux Light Festival which is once again taking place in the city for 2024. This year’s festival is on every evening from 19th January – 4th February 2024. Geneva Lux Festival with its stunning “works of light” is truly international with light installations by artists from all over the world.

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

Over 20 Light Installation Locations All Over Geneva

This festival takes place in over 20 location all over the city and along the lake. There is a wide variety of  light installations which include light projections, live light performances and light sculptures.

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

Geneva Lux Guided Tours of the Installations

It is easy to visit all the light locations in the Geneva Lux Light Festival on your own, but there are some suggested routes which you can choose from which have been organised by Geneva Tourism.

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

It’s a great way to see the city in a different light and some of the installations are really impressive.

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

Geneva Lux Light Festival 2024

Geneva Lux Light Festival 

When: 19th January – 4th February 2024
Where: All over Geneva suggested start Geneva Tourist Information Centre, Quai du Mont-Blanc 2


Tel: 022 909 70 00
All photos courtesy of Geneva Tourism and Geneva Lux Festival

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