Help The French Red Wine Producers – Raise A Glass!

French Red Wine Sales Plummet As Wine Heads For Industry

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Help The French Red Wine Producers – Raise A Glass!

French Red Wine in Crisis

If you’re ever looking for an excuse to drink a glass or red wine – here is a new one! According to various reports, red wine  may be good for gut health, with numerous benefits which include an improved immunity and digestion, and even a healthier weight. However, the red wine industry is under pressure as it no longer appears to be  “flavour of the month” in many circles!

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A Surplus of Red Wine Harvested in France

Due to a surplus,  red wine harvested from some of France’s most renowned regions in 2022, will no longer be heading for the dining table or the restaurant or bar! Instead it will be converted into industrial alcohol for use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Growers attribute this to overproduction and a decrease in domestic consumption. Red wine is being hit the hardest, with supermarket sales declining by 15% last year. So by drinking a glass of red wine from France you can help the French red wine producers.

French Red Wine in Crisis

Red Wine Contains 10 Times AS Many Antioxidants

However, there are lots of good reasons to enjoy red wine. Red wine is normally is considered the “healthier” wine, because of its antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols which can also be found in fruit and vegetables help reduce inflammation in the body, which is a top factor for disease. In fact, did you know that here are ten times as many in red wine than white?

Alberto Bertelli, a researcher at the University of Milan’s department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, has been studying the effects of red wine on the body. He has discovered that small amounts of wine (no more than 160ml of wine a day mind you!) can help protect against heart disease, due in the main to red wine’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, he says that this only works when taken in conjunction with a meal, Mediterranean style.

The French Agriculture Ministry To Invest In Distilling

The Polyphenol Resveratrol in Grape Skins

The polyphenol resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound which is found in grapes’ skin and seeds. It is this which is thought to protect the body against  high blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

White and Rosé Wines Holding Their Own

Despite the dip in red wine sales, white wine and rosé have shown more resilience and these are continuing to be popular with consumers both in France and abroad.

White and Rosé Wines Holding Their Own 

The French Agriculture Ministry To Invest In Distilling

The French agriculture ministry has announced that up to 160 million euros of national and EU aid will be used to distill the surplus. To sustain the renowned French wine industry in the long term, the country’s wine-makers will need further support. You can do your part by raising a glass (or two) – and you never know, it may well be good for your health too!

Help The French Red Wine Producers - Raise A Glass!

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