Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

Lilu Light Festival Lucerne 6th - 16th January 2022

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Lilu Light Festival Lucerne

6th – 16th January 2022

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

Lucerne A Beacon Of Light with the Lilu Light Festival

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful Swiss town which is always worth visiting, but in January it becomes a beacon of light and colour. For the past 3 years, every January the Lilu Light Festival Lucerne takes place and the city’s streets, squares and attractions are bathed in coloured lights.

Lilu Light Festival Lucerne 6th – 16th January 2022

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

This year the Lilu Light Festival takes place From 6th to 16th January 2022 and artists from all over the world will be delivering an exciting program, suitable for all the family.

Light Installations and Concerts

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

There will be something for everyone from organised tours to creative light installations which you can walk to on your own, to amazing concerts at the Hofkirche and in the Casineum on the lake promenade.

For eleven days, the squares, sights and little streets in the city will be artistically illuminated every evening from 6pm to 10 pm every evening. Two particular programs to note are the concerts at the Hofskirche and the Refrakto light events – see just below.

 Lilu Concerts at the Hofkirche Lucerne

 See the program for concerts in the Hofskirche here:

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

The lights shows at the Hofkirche qre 30 mins long taking place every half hour from 7:30pm – 10:30pm  each evening, The shows taking place at 8pm and 10pm are accompanied by a live organ. You need to purchase tickets in advance and the prices vary depending on the show – but check the website listed below for details.

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

REFRAKTO Light Show at the Casineum

Refrakto is a light show from Copenhagen with lasers and music taking place in a club called the Casineum in Haldenstrasse 6, 6006 Luzern,  near to the Casino Palace. The show is around 15 mins long and takes place every evening  at 6:15, 6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 8:15, and 8:45. Check out the shoes on 14th and 15th January as they will be accompanied by live music.

See below for tickets prices.

Don’t miss this exciting program and enjoy this beautiful Lilu Light Festival and celebration of the start of the new year.Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne - photo Laila BoscoPhoto copyright Laila Bosco

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

When: 6th – 16th January 2022

Where: In various locations all over Lucene.

See prices tickets for the Hofkirche concerts here. 

Tickets for the organ concert here.

Tickets for the Refrakto concert here. 

For more information visit the website here. 

For more information on Lucerne see here. 

Check out the locations of the light installations on this map of Lucerne below and have fun exploring!

Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne

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