Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

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Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Skincare trends are constantly evolving. It used to be that it was simply a case of cleanse, tone, and moisturise. However, not so many people are using toners anymore, and there is a gradual trend towards essences and facial oils instead of moisturisers. The Bia Skincare range actually uses both and creams and oils, but each for different skincare needs.

Bia Skincare From Ireland

Founded by Dr. Barb Paldus, Codex is a luxury organic skin brand and the Bia products actually hail from Ireland. As a scientist with a real interest in “Safe Beauty”, Dr Barb wanted to create a new generation of skin care products which were both effective but also “safe”. Using her knowledge she aimed to optimize the effectiveness of the natural ingredients and their skin care benefits to create skincare products which would enable her clients to enjoy beautifully moisturised and glowing skin without the chemicals.

We have been testing out the Bia Skincare range from Ireland and these are the products we have been trying:

Discovery Set, Facial Oils and Organic Soaps

The Bia Codex Skincare range consists of a number of facial cream and washes which you can find in the Discovery Set. In addition the range has recently been expanded by a set of Facial Oils and Organic Soaps.

The Bia Of Ireland Discovery Set

The Bia Of Ireland Discovery Set

The Bia of Ireland Discovery Kit contains samples of the following:

The Exfoliating Wash – a gentle cleanser made of Milk Thistle, Elderflower and Jojoba grains which has exfoliating and polishing effects as it tones and cleanses.

The Eye Gel Cream – made of Arnica and Bladderwrack, it is designed to  reduce under eye puffiness and eye dark circles.

The Day Cream – with Calendula & Serrated Wrack it nourishes and cares for you skins as daily moisturiser. (NB: it doesn not have an SPA so please apply that separately ).

The Skin Superfood – a deeply nourishing treatment for the face, hands and body, made with Codex’s BiaComplex™”. It is especially good for irritated, dry and flaky skin.

The Discovery Set comes in an  Organic Cotton Travel Bag and everything is made in Ireland.

Codex Beauty Bia Of Ireland Facial Oils

Codex Bia Of Ireland Facial & Cleanising Oils

There are two facial oils which are currently available – the Wash Off Cleansing Oil (100ml) which effectively removes all traces of makeup and impurities, whilst at the same time maintaining the moisture levels in your skin.

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

The Facial Oil (30ml) hydrates and refreshes your skin, giving it a fresh, well nourished glow. The oil improves skin elasticity, refines pores and protects your skin from environmental stressors and is light and dry to apply. It is suitable for all skin types, including  oily skin. Personally, I find this product to be my absolute favourite as it is easy to apply and really helps my skin look good even when I have been burning the candle at both ends. Highly recommended!

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Bia Soaps

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Codex has recently added to the Bia range with 3 new soaps. All the soaps are free of toxins and synthetic preservatives and smell wonderfully fresh and natural

The Bia Cleaning Soap is purifying and protecting. It is a black, cold-processed bar of soap made with Bamboo Charcoal.

The Bia Uplifting Soap is softening and soothing. It is a cold-processed bar of soap made with French Pink Clay.

The Bia Invigorating Soap is moisturising and nourishing. It is a violet coloured cold-processed bar of soap made with Cambrian Blue Clay.

All three soaps cost 20 Euros each.

Luxury Organic Skincare by Bia from Codex

Where To Buy Codex Bia Of Ireland

You can buy all the Bia Products online at


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