Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

Facial Exercises to Tone and Lift Your Skin

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Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

Tips On How To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

With so many different creams, products and procedures available these days all claiming to help reduce wrinkles, which one is the best to choose? One practice, which is becoming increasingly popular to help improve the appearance of your skin is facial exercise as well as various tapping techniques. From Face Yoga to Tapping exercises, we have collated below some of the best videos we have found showing natural ways reduce wrinkles and boost your skin’s collagen production.

Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

There is no getting away from the fact that good quality creams, thorough cleansing and adequate sun protection are vital to help protect our skin. But why not try some DIY techniques, which when done daily can deliver impressive results.

Facial Exercises to Tone and Lift Your Skin

Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

I recently did a group facial exercise program online and below I have listed the key exercises we worked on. You can do them with or without make up.  If you wish you can use a little facial oil.

Facial Exercise for the Forehead

The first exercise we did was on the forehead. First of all, with place all your fingers gently tap all over the area in a circular motion. Next place place the hand over your eves with the fingertips on the forehead and gently pull the skin downwards. at the same time as drawing the skin down, raise your eyebrows up eyebrows up. You then hold the position for 30 seconds and release. Do this 5 times. The aim of this exercise is to smooth the forehead lines, to increase the circulation and to lift the eyebrows.

Facial Exercise for Crows Feet 

Next gently tap the whole area around your eyes and crows feet with your fingertips. Put your middle fingers on the inner corners of your eyes and press gently on your nose. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat twice. Now lightly place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and squint upwards until you can hardly see anything. You will feel a short pulse and yo should hold for around 15 seconds. Repeat twice.

Facial Exercise in the Under Eye Area 

Place your middle fingertips on the bottom of your eyebrows and gently tap under your eyes in a circular motion under your eyes, over the top of your cheekbones and back over your eyebrow area. Continue along the  inside corners of your eye. Repeat 3 times.

Facial Exercise for the Cheek Area

Puff out your cheeks and gently tap your cheeks with your finger tips for around 20 – 30 seconds.

Facial Exercise for the Mouth Area

Using your fingertips tap around the mouth area a couple of times. Cover your teeth with your lips and make a small ‘O’ shape with your mouth. Now, whilst keeping your lips as tense as possible, smile as widely possible, whilst still covering your teeth. Now make the ‘O’ shape once more. Repeat.

Facial Exercise for the Jaw Area

Place the  fingertips of both hands in the centre of your chin. Then using your fingertips tap all along the jawline for the chin to the ears and back again. Repeat 3 times. Next, using your index finger, middle finger and thumb of both hands gently pinch your jawline under your chin and move towards your years on both sides.  Repeat 3 times. Next, place your thumbs on either side of the jawline on the chin. Now pull them along the jawline away from each other. Repeat 3 times.

Facial Exercise for the Neck

Using both hands with fingers outstretched, sweep up the whole of the neck for 30 seconds. Next tilt your head back as far as comfortable and place your tongue on the roof of the month,  then release it. Repeat 10 times.

Facial Exercise for the Collarbone and Décolleté

Tap the whole area of the collarbone and décolleté for 30 seconds. Then with gentle pressure on your index fingers tips make very small circles and gradually move across the collarbone and décolleté region until you have covered the area.

Videos Showing Natural Ways To Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Production

  1. Dr Mandell – The Motivational Doc

Dr Mandell offers lots of tips and exercises aimed at improving the tone and elasticity of your skin. This video concentrated on the benefits of tapping your skin.

2. These Face Yoga Anti-aging exercises are simple and each of the three exercise takes just one minute per day.

3. More exercises to eliminate eye bags without resorting to botox or fillers

4. An Avocado Face Mask to help especially with under eye bags

5. Eva Fraser – Facial Exercise Guru 

Articles on Eva Fraser:

Here is an article outlining some of the Facial Exercise Guru, Eva Fraser’s favourite exercises. Read the article here. 

Eva Fraser Interview:

You might also like to see this interview with Eva Fraser on This Morning TV Program from a few years ago where she demonstrates some of her facial exercises:

Stay tuned – we will be adding more videos and articles on facial exercise and skin tips to this section.

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