Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

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Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

***Swissline Supports International Women’s Day***

During the whole of March Swissline are giving away a selection of Skincare Samples in a Handmade Pouch for all purchases  of CHF 250 and more to celebrate International Women’s Day and their support of the Momentum Foundation helping support women in Rwanda. For more information see here. 

Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

Swiss skincare company Swissline, have recently launched a new product called “The Swiss Cure Day & Night Ampoules”. It consists of a box of 12 ampoules, 6 for day and 6 for night which are designed to provide a 30-day cure for the skin.

Your Body Clock Is the Key To Beautiful Healthy Skin

All the stresses and strain of the modern lifestyle (not to mention the Pandemic on top of everything else!) put severe pressure on our bodies in the form of bad diet, toxins, air pollution and stressful routines. All of these can trigger inflammatory chain reactions which affect our organs, the largest of which, is the skin.

Our bodies can cope with most things, but one thing they are dependent on is the circadian rhythm!

What is the Circadian Rhythm?

The Circadian rhythm is your body’s 24-hour physiologic, metabolic, and behavioural “clock”. It is controlled by the central regulator, or “master clock”, which is located in our hypothalamus,  and is heavily influenced by light and the environment.

Healthy Skin and the Importance of Night and Day

The body clock is set by two marker hormones released in the bloodstream every waking day:

1. Cortisol, the stress hormone, which keeps you awake and makes your body more reactive.

2. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, which puts you to rest and when all is balanced in your body, and triggers repair and regeneration while you rest.

Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

The Swiss Cure Day & Night Ampoules

Morning Protection: In the morning your skin goes into “protection mode” and for example, produces sebum to ward off UV rays and free radical damage. So this is the time to boost your skin’s barrier and defences by using products which contain ceramides, and hyaluronic acid – and of course broad-spectrum SPF sun protection.

Night Protection: During the night, your skin’s barrier becomes more permeable allowing ultimate product absorption. Therefore, before going to bed, you should apply products which help boost your skin’s repairing and regenerating capabilities. During sleep, the body releases human growth hormone (HGH), which is crucial for collagen production, and  a protein that ensures glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails.

Tip: for the ultimate in night time cell regeneration, you should use  collagen, peptides, or retinol as part of your bedtime routine.

Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

Swissline CURE Ampoules Fine Tune Your Skin’s Rythym

Swissline’s latest product from their Cell Shock collection, The Swiss Cure Day & Night Ampoules, combine style, science, and luxury. The ampoules contain a real powerhouse of top ingredients such as Collagen and Cellactel 2 Complex at their highest concentrations. The eve contains gold spheres with are suspended in the formula of marine collagen to reduce the level of cell damage caused by free radicals and preserve the skin’s native collagen.

The cure ampoules should be used in one full cellular cycle of 28-30 days, as both day and night formulations revolve around the skin’s own cycles to aid in self-repair to provide the best beautifying results.

Perfect Your Skin with Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules

Day Ampoules☀

The Day Ampoules :

– Acts as a natural antioxidant for mature skin
– Keeps the skin smoothed-out, for a visible reduction in the depth of lines and wrinkles
– Brighten and revive all types of complexion

Night Ampoules ☽

The Night Ampoules: 

– Reduce the level of cell damage created by free radicals
– Help boost the expression of melatonin receptors in the skin
– Promote overnight skin recovery and repair

How to Use the Ampoules

You simply massage a few drips of the spouse over the face, neck, and décolleté, (replacing your usual serum), and follow with a moisturizer or night cream. If you want to use your serum, you should apply the ampoules before the serum, followed by your moisturizer. The Swissline program contains a 30-day cure cycle and can be repeated every 4-6 months.

So What Are The Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules Like To Use?

I’ve been testing Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules out over the past 2 weeks and although I’m only half way through the program, I can really see that my skin looks more rested and energised. Prior to this I had been suffering from a break out which I attribute to wearing masks for long periods of time. So I really feel that my skin is benefiting for this “me-time”. The ampoules also come in very attractive little bottles which are ideal for taking with you if you are travelling (just thinking ahead here!) – and the look super pretty in the bathroom too! So if you feel that your skin is overdue for a spot of pampering the Swissline Cure Day & Night Ampoules could provide the perfect cure!

For more information please visit the Swissline website here.

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